Pro Lux is the largest producer of modern lighting equipment in Asia. The Headquarter is located in the industrial city Guangzhou. The products meet all European standards of quality and allow you to implement a wide variety of creative ideas for light shows. The products have the application in various fields – from theaters and entertainment venues to restaurants and night clubs – allows the company to occupy a leading position in the Asian and European markets.
A distinctive feature of Pro Lux is a professional approach; the European quality products have a guarantee up to 2 years and an irrepressible contribution to product development. All this allows us to provide long-lived lighting equipment with excellent quality and timely service anywhere in the world.
The history of Pro Lux begins in 2009. At that time, the company released the first line of lighting products, taking into account market trends and customer reviews brought to perfection over next few years.
The company Pro Lux is a factory with 2000 square meters area, with a staff of high qualified technical specialists. The company has several branches in Asia and representative offices in Europe. During 5 years, the company has reached an incredible pace of development, creating universal fixtures for concert venues, theaters, clubs, disco, TV and large-scale entertainment events.
Today Pro Luxis a recognized leader among manufacturers of LED fixtures and spotlights. The company’s products have many awards and recognized by customers. The key to the company’s success is the ability to quickly respond to changes in the lighting technology market and the indefatigable desire to make the highest quality products, destroying the myth of “poor quality of China”.
The official distributor of Pro Lux products in Ukraine is Lightek company, in Kazakhstan – Miralight company.